English Heretic curated shows for Repeater Radio

English Heretic curated shows for Repeater Radio

Monday, 22 March 2021

I recently curated two evenings of talks, interviews and music for Repeater Books in support of their new anthology, The Repeater Book of the Occult. Here is an archive of some of the programmes from those nights.

I recently curated two evenings of talks, interviews and music for Repeater Books in support of their new anthology, The Repeater Book of the Occult. Here is an archive of some of the programmes from those nights. Each show lasts about an hour. Many thanks to Shannon, Jemma, Dean, Manon Hedenborg-White and Stephen Coates for taking part in what was a really nourishing and fascinating collection of shows.


In Conversation with Shannon Taggart: Photography and the Supernatural:


In Conversation with Dean Kenning: Diagrams, Art and the Occult:


Jemma Cullen's Occult inspired Radio Show:


From Jemma's synopsis:

This is a show about the tangled roots of paganism and Christianity and of myriad other cosmologies making themselves known to our colonised and colonising minds. Industrial accidents, political horror, feminist horror and the exploitation of the planet, folk horror, missing persons, conspiracy theories, the Edison doll too deemed too creepy for children and withdrawn from sale, the grim and the eerie, murky visitations, the sinking of the Titanic, the rolling and creaking of the abandoned Mary Celeste, the sound that Saturn makes whirling in the vacuum of space, the horror of monotony, of the Anthropocene, of the breakdown of language, of what is beyond language, of apocalyptic lockdown dreams and radiophonic sounds of well meant utopias turning sour. The whirling feeling of the slow cancellation of the future and mysteries just beyond the grasp of our mortal consciousness. This is an undersea expedition to the barnacled underside of our collective unconscious. But then there’s also Cher.

You will hear found, composed and readymade sounds, music and voices. Grab some candles and a blanket, get comfortable and watch your ears on the sharp bits. 

"There is only a world revealed in its own hiddenness, a world made clearer in its opacity, a revelation of something radically other that is also simply the fragile, tenuous mind registering its own limits.”
“Perhaps the ‘supernatural’ is not simply equivalent the divine or the magical, but a limit - a limit of knowledge, of the senses, of bodies, of existence itself.”
- Tariq Goddard & Eugene Thacker. 

1. March - The Seasons, BBC Radiophonic Workshop

2. Salt Marie Celeste - Nurse With Wound (excerpts of which repeat)

3. Mother Earth - Crass

4. Gavin Bryers - Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet

5. Edison’s talking doll

6. Running - Delia Derbyshire, Inventions for Radio, Dream series (excerpts of which repeat)

7. Helter Skelter - The Beatles (isolated vocals)

8. Crawling Through Tory Slime, Side B - Benedict Drew (excerpts of which repeat)

9. Hypnosis - Eric Siday (excerpts of which repeat)

10. Concerned Look - Eccentronic Research Council

11. Maneche - Jacques Lasry (Theme from ITV Schools series Picture Box)

12. The Visitation - White Noise

13. Love, Emily (part one) - Kathy Acker (excerpt)

14. ANS 1 - Coil

15. Auto factory ambience - sound effects library (repeats later)

16. Siren / Factory Hooter 3 - Vedette Anagogic Ensemble (repeats later)

17. Tofu & Egg Ramen - Charlie Behrens featuring Joshua Idehen. (Story taken from a lockdown dream Charlie had)

18. English Heretic / Andy Sharp, Jemma Cullen, Campbell Kneale, Petter Flaten Eilertsen - incantation recorded at the Vigeland Mausoleum, Oslo, March 2019.

19. The Eerie Sounds of Saturn - Cassini Spacecraft / NASA. (excerpts of which repeat). The Cassini spacecraft has been detecting intense radio emissions from the planet Saturn. They come from the planet's aurorae, where magnetic field lines thread the polar regions. These signals have been shifted into the range of human hearing and compressed in time.

20. Eduard Artemyev - M-11, Andrei Tarkovsky Original Soundtrack, Vol. 3: Solaris

21. A Long Paleness - Graeme Miller & Steve Shill, The Carrier Frequency (Original 1984 Stage Production Score)

22. The Breeze - Quix*o*tic

23. The Cuckoo - Arianne Churchman & Benedict Drew

24. Performance - Merry Clayton and & Bernard Krause (Bernard on a prototype Moog he spent his life savings on, apparently. An interesting story to look up!)

25. Would We Be Alive - The Residents

26. Excerpt from The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda 1968, dir. Ira Cohen. Original soundtrack by Angus MacLise and The Joyous Lake.

27. I Walk On Guilded Splinters - Cher

28. Foghorn - Large Foghorn: Single Blast, Horns, Comic Noisemakers

29. Black Cat - Broadcast

30. Satan Takes a Holiday - Anton Lavey

31. Where Evil Grows - The Poppy Family

32. The Cuckoo - Anne Briggs